Princess Celestia
RP The Inside Out [Closed]


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Blast Off [Featuring: The Doctor]



"Oh! You talk do you? Aww…that’s lovely!"

It’s some scared cute little nanobot beetle! That’s adorable!

"Aww…you mean Celestia over here don’t you? She’s harmless, don’t you worry. She wouldn’t harm a bug! No pun intended heheh."

I suppose my ‘inner Fluttershy’ came out a lot more than I intended. Immediately I become overwhelmed with it’s cuteness and wanted to hug it better. I didn’t do that of course, that’d be stupid and might make it even more scared. That doesn’t mean I gave it a lot of personal space though. I hovered around it looking wide eyed at the little robotic insect, meaning I payed very little attention to what the others were doing.”

"Do you have a name? My name is Velvet Remedy."

Finally! I could have a cute companion friend on this adventure! Aww…it’s so cute!

The Doctor slid the sonic screwdriver away. He had all the info he needed, and if it was talking, it didn’t need what amounted to a stun gun aimed at it.

"Hold on a second there, little… bots, I guess. She’s trying to get back home, you’re not helping yourself leaving us without power.” He started, half pointing to the front of the ship. “We can’t turn back around without engines. Of course, I could just tow us with the Tardis, but that’s never any fun.”

"Oh, and while we’re chatting, how is she a demon? I thought she was supposed to be some benevolent being that moves a star around with the pointy part of her face."

Okay, so he knew it was a horn, he was just making a point.

???: “This unit does not subscribe to the belief that names are of important practical use. However our species is known collectively as the replicators. We are, perhaps, the most well evolved hive mind in any and all universes or timelines.”

The bug turns to regard The Doctor upon being directly addressed by him, then breaks out into obvious and adorably twitchy panic.

???: “Gah! A Time Lord!? No, no, no! The Solar Demon is too powerful! Our savior is doomed!”

The little creature complains in sheer fright before turning around in place, searching for some kind of escape.

Blast Off [Featuring: The Doctor]



The micro nuclear fusion reactor singed my mane a little, as it rocketed past the Doctor and I. When the little beetle revealed itself, I wanted to squash the little shit but, that would be stupid and cruel. Instead, I let out my inner Fluttershy and slowly approached the little beetle.

"It’s alright now little one. Nopony’s going to hurt you, you’re in good company." I say in the softest voice I can manage.

I get closer to it and beckon my hoof closer.

"We’re all friends her right?"

If this beetle turns out to be something more dangerous then this is a really poor judgement call. But still, it’s just about as scared as we are. How should it know the situation and the importance of the parts he bit into. Perhaps showing it a little bit of kindness can really help it, let it know it’s not alone.

The Doctor was quite proud of his progress, until the little critter blasted away the very bus that was still running. Rude. It was no standard blaster or gun, either.

Looking down at the thing, he was already scanning it with his screwdriver before Velvet was suddenly trying to befriend it. It was possibly the dumbest thing to do, considering what his scan was telling him, but it certainly did wonders for his mood. Considering what he just learned about the world in this time, he was starting to think ponies had given up the peaceful act.

Heck, if the nanobots had gone ‘feral’, it might actually work. He held off on trying to stun it with his sonic tool, deciding to add weight to her speech. He leaned down to it, but wasn’t going to put a hoof out like she did.

"We’re all friends, we just need our power to stay on. I can find you a nice place to stay, somewhere where there’s lots of power, and no particular need for using it otherwise."

He was sure such places existed. Some power plants, especially in the 33rd century, ran for decades after the society had abandoned them.

???: “No, please!”

The little beetle suddenly cries out in an incredibly adorable high pitched voice. It was true that the thing was essentially a collection of nano-machines with various wireless interconnects to slave them all together, but there was far more going on with this little sentient creature. Its atomic structure was odd, not on the surface, or any sort of physical or chemical way, but its sub-atomic particles seemed to be comprised of energies aligned into further circuits. It was as if each component of each atom in its entire being was an incredibly complex supercomputer all in itself, with the deepest levels of the machine’s complexity closely reflecting the structure of a highly advanced equine brain.

Of course, to any passersby with minimalistic scanning equipment, it would only appear to be a highly advanced and incredibly cute little robot bug. That is, unless they could feel the intense data transmissions this thing was shooting out across the universe through miniature antennas position in each nano-bot throughout its an entire body.

???: “It’s not about sustenance! This unit does not need charging! It’s about keeping The Solar Demon away from from us!”

The beetle cried out in utterly adorable and highly pitched panic as it finished its transformation and simply fidgeted nervously on the spot. It had not appeared to directly notice The Doctor yet, so far it was staring solely at Velvet as it stood on the spot shaking and quivering like a scared little child. That said, it was almost comical considering that any one of this beetle’s electrons appeared to have the capacity to store Velvet’s entire brain at least a few times over, if not more.

???: “Please, don’t let her kill us! Keep her away! Turn her ship back and send her home! Please! I beg you! Mercy!

If nothing else, at least its emotions appeared entirely genuine. That had to be a good sign, right?

Blast Off [Featuring: The Doctor]



Was it just me who saw that?

"Was that a beetle? I honestly never seen one before, read about them before. They didn’t thrive well in the nuclear holocaust. What’s one doing here?"

Maybe they didn’t go extinct? Or avoided radiation? I wouldn’t know. On the task at hoof, it got dark real fast. My paranoia from earlier turned into disappointment so I give myself a nice ol’ facehoof.

"Ugh…I feel dumb."

The Doctor watched the insect in the brief moments there was light to see it, but after Velvet spoke a sharp frown took his face in the dark. His mood shifted harshly enough the ship should have started freezing. The windows held no frost, though.

"Nuclear holocaust." He said, almost as though he was first hearing the words. There would be sharp questions later, and it wasn’t Velvet that held those answers.

A hoof dug into his suit, pulling out a small device. “Switch to the last one, quick as you like.” He pointed his sonic screwdriver about, whirring, until it directed him to the last bus. Then he shifted the settings so it would fuse the plugs into the thing. “At least we might have lights to see this bug clearly. Must feed on the power. Doesn’t like letting us have any, it doesn’t get enough to eat.”

"As you wish, Doctor."

Celestia replies before switching to the last remaining power bus. The lights flicker and buzz to life all throughout the rocket once again, cleanly pushing away the shadows and revealing the details once hidden in the darkness. Seconds tick by as every last system hums to life, and then rumbles into a soft mechanical idle.

"Power has been restored to all systems, Doctor."

The mare replies down the shaft, still checking all of the gauges and dials for any noticeable indicators of possible malfunctions. As the seconds continued to tick by, however, the power simply remained operational. The bug, for whatever reason, appeared reluctant to attack the last power bus. Then, suddenly, it happened.


The sound of an electrical teleport sounded off behind them, back down the body of the ship, near the circuit breaker boxes they had just managed to plug in before. Although, this time, it was not the sound of unplugging that accompanied it.


What may very well have been the world’s smallest possible nuclear fusion blaster shot flew clean past The Doctor and Velvet Remedy from below, missing them entirely, before immediately slamming dead center on Power Bus C. In an instant it alone was converted into a small cloud of Plasma before dispersing completely, leaving no trace that it had ever existed.

Beneath them, the little metallic beetle with the four glowing electric blue compound eyes transformed itself back into a beetle with all of the speed it could possibly muster whilst flailing its little motor-less metal legs in abject panic. The lights all dimmed away and the rocket’s systems all fell silent, leaving the little creature desperately making the cutest of little whining noises as it panicked horribly on the spot. Just a few more seconds of transforming its little nano-machine composed body and it would be able to skitter or teleport away. In the meantime, it was having a difficult time folding its wings with most of an atomic blaster left where its body should be.

Blast Off [Featuring: The Doctor]



"No other lifeforms eh?"

Yep, I saw those power cables. No accident can do something with such surgeon like accuracy.

"Well, looks like whatever joined our little trip is a tad bit undetectable."

Well, the obvious thing to do is to plug it in right? Although, I’m a bit hesitant to do so. This feels like a trap to me. This is too perfect, too convenient. No, there’s something that must be dealt with before we even consider reconnecting those cables.

"We should keep an eye out, they’re around here…somewhere."

Good ol’ fashioned wasteland paranoia. Hasn’t let me down yet, no way it will this time.

"Ah, yes. There’s something running about the ship that did that, and I doubt it was either of you. So! What say we bring this undetectable creature straight to us, then?"

While Velvet might have been content paranoid and powerless, the Doctor started plugging the power cords back in. They weren’t even cut or torn. A few seconds of work, and he stood back to observe the results. And keep his eyes open.

"Best way to undo a trap is to spring it. Now we’ll have their attention, so watch the shadows for anything out of place." Turning up the hallway, he gave a shout. "Everything alright up there, Celestia?”

If nothing else, the name was telling of how he ended up here. He was out to find the pony that supposedly raised the sun, but he had meant to show up at something called a Summer Sun Celebration. Maybe he was a few days late. Or centuries, since they were in space. He wanted to see the first, after all. Ah well.

"Well, let’s see."

The Princess flips the breakers back on, causing the cabin’s interior lighting to simultaneous activate while a number of other systems hum to life. When a number of small incandescent lights all softly warmed to their usual soft glow within the maintenance hallways of the ship, the entire inner cavity of the vessel was visible, if only for a few preciousness moments…

Above Velvet Remedy and the Doctor, at one of the power buses near the ship’s reactor, up near the access hatch itself, an insect-like creature about the size of an adult stallion’s hoof pulled out the reactor’s plug before any celebration was to be had, then it scurried behind a heat pipe and hid in the utter darkness. Once the plug in question was pulled from its outlet, every major system shut down once more, briefly inviting lighting included. That is, save for backup power and the Annoyance that was the Master Alarm’s incessant buzzing.

"Damn, it was all fine for a few seconds. Now I’m getting a power failure warning from Main Bus B. I’m swapping to A."

Another audible unplugging sound could be heard as the almost beetle-like creature and its glowing electric-blue compound eyes scurried out from behind the pipes, quickly unplugged the reactor from Main Bus A, and scurried back behind another heat exchanger. A click later and the Princess audibly sighed.

"Nothing. It looks like both buses are out. Should I swap to the last power bus, Doctor? Or is something going on in there?"

Blast Off [Featuring: The Doctor]



He looks like just another pony! How the hell can you tell if he’s an alien or not? I don’t know what aliens do! I thought we were boarded remember!”

Jeez, what a bitch!

I hop down into the hatch before Celestia can hit the back of my head again. I try and catch up to the Doctor, which was quite hard in fact. He is sure in a hurry. I strike it odd that the possibly three only non-killer ponies in the entire wasteland just so happen to be in the same place at the same time. Most likely just a coincidence but it appears no one is dying under our watch.

"So, Doctor, was it? Find anything yet? Any…lifeforms?"

I swear something crawled it’s way here! I know I wasn’t just imagining it! I’m not scared of the dark. I grew up in a Stable for Goddesses sake!

The Doctor kept going, though once it was obvious that he was being followed, he did allow the pony to catch up. Ah, the Velvet pony. Interesting.

"Nothing yet. Just a rocket, no apparent damage. Pretty dark, but we have air. Nothing ‘scary’ yet either, but I’ve had things pop out of quieter places. I’d turn your hair even whiter if I told you a fract- err. Mane. Your mane would be whiter." He gave a bit of a sigh and called back up the rocket. "Nothing yet, big princess pony. Hold your horses!"

He grinned to himself as if it was a great joke before continuing down the rocket. “So then, Velvet. What was going on in here before the power went out? Flashes of light, strange noises… anything you remember?”

Princess Celestia rolled her eyes at that horses comment, finding it at least a little funny herself but not willing to give a pun the satisfaction of a full laugh. Though she was quick to call out in return to The Doctor.

"My name is Princess Celestia, Doctor, you should remember that for the first time we meet. Not that you will forget, I am just mentioning it for temporal consistency’s sake. Otherwise, I should mention that there is not anything alive in this ship besides you, Velvet, and myself. Unless something is hidden here beyond the ability of my magic to detect.”

The mare indicates from above as the two ponies finally come across something that looks startlingly out of place. There were two deliberately disconnected power cables dangling from one of the breakers before them, their plugs gently removed from their snug little outlets as if somepony had just casually pulled them out with their hooves. It was simply too glaringly obvious to be missed, and far too cleanly done to have been the result of real damage.At least that would presumably solve their power problem.

Blast Off [Featuring: The Doctor]



"30 minutes right…. doesn’t give you an excuse to blow a section of the ship up! And…I thought I heard something ok! It was scary. I mean there could be aliens down there trying to probe me or whatever it is that aliens do."

Well, crisis averted I suppose. Still, there’s still the matter of this new fellow.

"Alright, you’re clearly not here to kill us as you would’ve done so already. If you’re helping us then we really could use it. Oh, right manners, of course, my name is Velvet Remedy, and you are?"

This is one hell of a coincidence, some random pony just appears in a blue box? What is this, midnight science theater?

The stallion’s eyebrows went up at Celestia. Not for the explanation. As wordy as she tried to make it, the whole thing pretty much translated to ‘oops’. “Sorry, have we met? Actually, nevermind that. Not worth the explanation. I suppose I could have a look at your electrical problem before I shove off.”

Turning to Velvet, he nodded his head. “No killing, not me. Won’t find a weapon on me, not in a million years. Or more accurately a thousand, but I’ll get there. I’m the Doctor, by the way. Nice to meet you, Velvet Remedy.” For a moment he smiled at her, as wide a grin as any pony ever gave.

"Now, assuming you didn’t put the generators in the command module, we’ll have to see to these ‘scary noises’ to fix your power. Come on, then."

He was already moving towards the maintenance hatch as though he were on a tight schedule.

"Yes, they’re down in there, but the lines for them run all over. I did not think the system had any one single failure point. I tried to design it to allow several points of failure, after all, but we did not receive any damage prior to the blackout. Everything literally just went dead. My best guess was that we were being jammed, but if that ship has already left then surely the power would have been restored."

She flipped the breaker controls again, causing clicks down the inner body of the craft as each beaker at each junction clicked uselessly through the entire ship.

"Unless we’re somehow generating our own jamming pulse, but there should not be any exposed or poorly grounded wires or cables, doctor. I made sure to individually sleeve all of the wires in the ship."

As the doctor progressed inside the maintenance hatch and down into the ship’s innards, Celestia took the opportunity to slap Velvet Remedy upside the head with the back of her royal forehoof.

Whatever it is that aliens do?

Celestia quietly seethed out in more clear and obvious anger than she had ever allowed herself in Velvet’s company. If it were not a whisper, it would be terrifying.

I’ll show you what aliens do, you little ungrateful sad sack of speciesist garbage. What the hell do you think The Doctor is? Some kind of unusually clean and proper wasteland pony that just happened to be swinging by for some lunch? Consider yourself the luckiest mare of your generation that you even met him, and while you’re at it; apologize.

That probing comment was disgraceful.

She slapped the mare again, for good measure, before clearing her own throat and peeking down into the maintenance hatch. When she spoke again, there was no trace of the displeasure she felt for the grotesque way that Velvet had just managed to represent her entire civilization.

"Do you see anything down there, Doctor? Anything obviously out of the ordinary?"

Blast Off [Featuring: The Doctor]



"What the hell!"

I bonked Celestia on the head with my hoof out of anger.

"I almost died! You almost died! You almost killed every-"

Wait, this is new.

"Who’s your coltfriend?"

I was expecting many things but this was definitely not one of them! Some random suit wearing pony and a blue box! I think Ditzy told me something about a blue box that I cannot remember for the life of me.

With the cabin pressurized once more, the stallion put a hoof to his helmet. The glass seemed to vanish, and the entire helmet was draped over his neck as though it were a space-age hoodie.

"Ah, much better." He ran a hoof through his mane as though to straighten it. His eyes shot to Velvet, but if he was surprised at her actions, he didn’t show it. At least it wasn’t him getting that treatment this time. ”Not a coltfriend, just a traveler. Just passing through, saw you could use a… hoof. That’s the term, right? Hoof?” The last part was almost directed to himself, but he turned back to the Princess. Now that she was finish being clobbered by her co-pilot.

"Now that the domestics are done, what are you doing up here? This thing doesn’t look like it’s meant to fly to the moon, much less Titan. Not that it’s a bad place to stop, but that’s besides the point.” The stallion asked as though finding the princess of the sun on a rocket was completely normal. The question was given as though she owed him answers, too.

Celestia rubbed her forehead with a forehoof of her own, trying her best to make a show of the fact that Velvet had hit her. The last thing she needed to do was comment on how little she had actually felt that weakling little hit. Goodness knows she had received more aggressive butterfly kisses than that measly punch in the past.

Albeit, they were ravenous, twenty story, inter-dimensional, acid spewing butterflies, but the point still stood regardless.

In any case, she wasted no time addressing the newcomer.

"We were simply trying to attain a new perspective from which to review and asses some of the more difficult situations we intended to tackle on our ongoing adventure. Things got a bit out of control though, as is usual for travelers through space and time alike. We just sort of landed up here, halfway to the moon, completely by happy accident of circumstance. I am sure you understand how that much can occur from sheer experience, Doctor.

In any case, missiles and aliens were little trouble for us really. The problem was that our power cut completely during our flight and left us stranded on something that is likely not actually similar to a free-return trajectory in any way shape or form. Being stranded would not have been a real problem either, if something did not illegally invade my space and attempt to board us by force as well. At that point, we were basically out of options. Now that you’re here though, maybe you can help us figure out why power from our generators isn’t making its way to our circuit breakers anymore?”

Celestia gently reached up and flipped the circuit breakers with her forehoof again, causing audible clicks up and down the body of the space craft as power completely failed to move through the provided electrical systems of the ship in any meaningful capacity.

"Oh, and by the way, Velvet. You did not almost die. This section of the ship would have separated from the lower portion. I would have explained myself rather clearly if I had thirty minutes and a chalk board, but I was a little preoccupied with more pressing matters. Specifically: actually doing it.

Blast Off [Featuring: The Doctor]


Outside the craft, in the blackness of space, a massive ship slowly moved away. The thing dwarfed Celestia’s rocket in the worst way, but it wasn’t exactly pretty. The thing was an oblong blob. Whoever used the thing cared little for appearances.

Oh, and a blue police box seemed to be standing midway down the rocket itself. But it’s okay, the door was closed.

The brown stallion squeezed inside of the craft, looking about with a severe frown. He also seemed to be talking, but with the air missing, a great deal of what he was saying was lost to the void. When he finally turned to face the Princess once more, his eyes were questioning as much as his words.

"-space without power? And where’s this other pony? The one that can’t survive without air, I’m guessing. You should really fix that, a leaky spacecraft isn’t going to get you far." He was already pushing his way towards the hatch further in. Floating about was fine, but talking without air wasn’t getting him anywhere.

Princess Celestia pulled the battered hatch from its hinges and casually looked it over as the stallion spoke relentlessly into the cold and unforgiving void. She could hear him well enough herself, if only by sensing the sheer magical vibrations of his language falling through eternity around them, but she was more concerned with the airless cabin at the moment. She opened a nearby compartment with the assistance of some rudimentary levitation magic and pulled out one of two spare hatches stored within. It was a bit cumbersome to maneuver the bulky door plates past each other, but within a few seconds she had managed to attach the new door and slip the old one back into the cabinet. After that, little more than a gentle push saw the hatch properly shut and the cabin sealed. A single lever secured it in place before the Princess rotated around in space, and began tapping on the one single control panel that appeared to be functional in any meaningful way.

With a hiss and a roar, air once again returned to the cabin, pressurizing the ship nicely. As the Princess turned to the inner hatch, the sound or wind died away and fell into a gentle hum. The air had returned, the vacuum was once again limited to the outside of the vessel. With a smile, the alicorn reached out with her forehooves and began to open the inner hatch.

"Just a moment, Doctor."



Just like that, the inner hatch was pulled away and Velvet was freed. There was now nothing standing between her and a very apologetic looking Princess Celestia.

"Sorry about all of that, Velvet."

Hopefully that apology would mean something to the mare, after all of this.