Princess Celestia
Unexpected Companions [Closed]


"At least if I died out there I’d at least have a chance." I reply grimly.

"I refuse to die as some animal in a cage. I want a fighting chance. If it takes braving this cloud of abomination to get back home then so be it."

At last, my fear turned into confidence. My desperation turned into bravery and my dread turned into determination.

"I don’t want to leave you here, but I see you don’t want to accompany me."

*throws key looted from raider mess*

"It’s yours if you want it."

There I went out that door….but I couldn’t. No matter what I tried I couldn’t leave, not because of the hell that lies ahead but because what kind of pony would I be if I just left her?! What was I thinking? Some Element of Kindness I am.

*sigh* “I’m not leaving without you y’know.”

Princess Celestia gives a deep and heavy sigh before taking the key in her forehooves and giving it a deep and hard look. In the very short time since this other mare had been introduced into this very situation she had destroyed weeks of work, caused the death of another equine, and provoked the dead into rising from their impromptu graves. There was no doubt in Celestia’s mind that this pony was an absolute battering ram, the sort of mare that caused permanent damage to everything she touched through nothing more than blind ignorance and sheer zealotry. There was almost no conceivable way her affinity for rash actions would mesh well with Celestia’s strong sense of patience, and yet here she was insisting that Celestia join her.

Princess Celestia couldn’t really deny it any longer, she hated Velvet Remedy with a burning passion. She hated Velvet for her stubborn refusals to accept any plan that would take considerable time, she hated Velvet for the sheer self-enforced ignorance she displayed for the inner workings of her universe, and she hated Velvet for approaching every problem set before her like some sort of lifeless obstacle to be dominated. If the chaotic traits of bold refusal, willing ignorance, and objectifying everything could be so quickly utilized to define an individual, then it would be clear to Celestia that Velvet Remedy personified all of Discord’s worst traits.

Still, if The Solar Princess knew anything at all she understood that every single situation this mare touched would end badly for everyone involved, and it was with this unappealing knowledge that she decided to actually help this hopeless charity case of an Equine Being. Even if she died a thousand times, even if the world turned to ash, even if the sun itself died away, Princess Celestia was going to help Velvet Remedy become a better pony if it was the last thing she could ever do on this or any other earth.

Luckily, it’s not my Earth. My Earth is safely far and away from this mare’s negative influences.

"Alright , fine."

Celestia replied with determination as she stood up, rising to her forehooves with the key levitating in her magic before her.

"We’ll do it together, but after all of this is over you and I are going to have a very long and stern discussion about your actions here."

Unexpected Companions [Closed]


"Spirits? What makes you think this is the work of spirits? If anything this must be a mutated parasitic life form. I don’t think being locked in a cage would help either. Might as well wear a sign that says ‘free food’. You want to go home, don’t you?"

You know, it could be spirits not that I’m looking at that black bloody mess.

"Whatever they are, they are outside of these cages. If you open that door and leave that cell, you will be outside in the room with them. You saw what happened to that guard, are you really going to risk running out into that darkness? Do you really think you can appease it after your own negative energies summoned it here?”

The Princess attempts to desperately reason with Velvet, knowing full well that it was no mutant force or living creature beyond their cages. It was as if the gates to the underworld had opened up before their cells and poured out the souls of the damned into a single black and formless mass of unrelenting shadow. There was no killing that which did not live, no weapon which could stop or bind the immortal spirit of the soul, and no hope that either one of them would emerge unscathed if they dared to brave the shadows to escape this place. Celestia knew that Velvet was likely acting out of desperation onset from sheer panic, but this was no situation for either mare to make rash decisions.

Unexpected Companions [Closed]


What? That apparition of darkness came out of nowhere! Oh shit, just when I thought things couldn’t get worse. Then again…

I scrape myself together and take the bobby pin dropped on the floor. Time to see if I learned anything from Littlepip. Looks easy enough, it’s a piss poor lock vs my bobby pin…


And I win.

"We’re leaving. Now."

There’s no way I’m getting any objections now.

Save for one.

"But what about the spirits? We might anger them."

Unexpected Companions [Closed]


"Happy thoughts huh?"

Not quite sure how that will help, besides distract me from how shitty the situation is. Looking where logic and reasoning got me so far I might as well throw it out a window.

Ok, so happy thoughts…home, Calamity, my friends, home, Littlepip, home, Fluttershy, hay burgers, Pyrelight, Ditzy, home…. I wanna go home. I just wanna go home.

I started crying again. Happy thoughts didn’t seem so happy this time. It just made me want to escape. I NEED TO ESCAPE! I GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!

I started to hyperventilate and panicking. This is bad bad bad BAD BAD! Why me? Why? This is a nightmare and I can’t wake up! Why. Can’t. I. Wake. Up!

The shadows in the poorly lit room get progressively deeper and more menacing with each passing second of the mare’s panic. Whatever the Princess’ intentions as she weakly raised a forehoof to her, Celestia could do nothing to comfort the mare before it was too late. In an instant, electricity shot silently through the frigid air as the one lone two hundred year old emergency light burned out. Suddenly left in darkness, the raider, panics, pulling his gun and looking around the incredibly darkened room with wild eyes. The one lone remaining source of light was a weak beam coming from the hallway, and it was only just enough to show the shadows moving towards the raider. Whispers filled the air as the panicked stallion fired shots into the darkness.

Whispers: “Killed us. You killed us. You did this. Die. Join us in suffering. Torment. Eternal torment.

The stallion screamed a horrible scream as the specters tore him limb from limb and swallowed his bones into the nothingness of shadow, leaving only a gleaming bloodstain behind in their wake. The room felt unclean now, evil, unsettled beyond any common sense or applicable logic. This place no longer belonged to the living, it was now an extension of hell itself, cursed.

"Well… I guess that was one way of dealing with the guard."

Celestia remarks sadly from the impenetrable shadows nearby, her voice echoing as if it were miles off.

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Unexpected Companions [Closed]


"You don’t really sound like you have just a headache. Are you sure you’re alright?"

She must have LEGENDARY patience though. I mean who puts up with all that shit.

"I’d love to use my healing magic but there’s a bit of a problem with the current situation."

But seriously! How the fuck didn’t she flip the fuck out and blow a giant Goddess damn hole through the wall and turn these raiders into mush….oh right slave collars.

"You’re telling me? The karma in this room has gotten so bad, just about any bad action is going to run the risk of angering the dead."

Celestia winces and poorly suppresses a painful gasp.

"Just, try to think happy thoughts for now, alright? I will heal on my own in due time."

Unexpected Companions [Closed]


I don’t know what’s more surprising, the fact that she’s breathing and talking despite a Goddess damn bullet in the brain, or the fact she referred herself as Princess Celestia. Isn’t she in a terminal in the sky or something? Definitely not flesh and blood. Bullets in your brain can make a pony delirious. The odd thing was that she sounded like she really was the princess. My internal instincts say I could use my healing magic on her but it’s harder to use when I can’t even lift myself off the pee stained mattress. Guard wouldn’t like it either.

I was at the edge of tears.

"I-I-I’m so sor-sorry. *sniff* this is all my f-fault."

I guess it’s only fair I introduce myself too.

"Velvet R-Remedy. Leader of the Followers of The Apocalypse, and Bearer of the Element of Kindness."

"It’s nice to make your acquaintance, Velvet Remedy."

The mare managed softly, sounding just a little bit less out of it with each passing moment.

"Though, I wish we could have met under better circumstances."

She coughs harshly, literally spitting out a bullet onto the floor a moment afterward.

"To be fair, that’s the fifth time they have done that since I arrived. So far, it has yet to provide anything more than a headache for me."


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Oh, goodness! Thank you, it’s lovely!~
Does Equestria have a constitution, or is it an absolute monarchy (or diarchy or triarchy)?

The Nation of Equestria is a Principality run in the form of a Constitutional Tetrarchy. Our citizen-subjects enjoy basic inalienable civil liberties, among them the right to vote for local elected officials as well as designing and managing the structure of their own local political systems. However, at the highest level official ruling power is divided between the current four standing Princesses of Equestria.

For the sake of completeness the current rulers of Equestria are Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, Princess Luna, and myself. We all hold equal right to the Equestrian throne, although power is not currently divided completely evenly between us. For the most part, Luna and I rule the Equestrian Nation, with Twilight taking largely minor but not insignificant roles whenever possible. Princess Cadence has her own Empire to run, a burden I do not envy her for, and as such she largely does not participate in Equestrian politics beyond simply staying informed and appearing for certain key events. Still, we all do our part, and so far the system is working quite wonderfully.

I have to say, I am quite pleased with the effectiveness of this system thus far and, I am quite hopeful that it will continue to remain strong as both it and The Nation continue to evolve.

Anything good happening lately?

Other than the royal ponysite designers working hard on updates to the royal tumblr blog, you mean?

Oh, but of course.

I have taken up some of my old hobbies in the wake of transferring more of my royal duties between Princess Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna. I had nearly forgotten what it was like to have real free time over the years, and really I am quite enjoying this little reprieve from a constant workload all the more for it. You have no idea how good it feels, having the confidence to finally go out and explore a little more without having to worry about Equestria imploding spectacularly in my absence. I am almost beginning to feel as though there is no true limit to what I might be able to accomplish.

It is all rather exciting, is it not?