Princess Celestia
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Heart smirked, long used to Celestia’s rather deep view of words and the effort needed to construct them. She spoke with an eloquence that few could match, well, ever.

Heart merely respectfully nodded, moving to make the tea he had promised. He didn’t dip into his supply of Assam - it costing a lot more than normal; one of the ‘expensive’ teas - as he knew she would see it as a play on her royalty.

No, no. The standard, Poneley tea would do here.

He paused to give her time; she would need it.

Sunny continued to mull over her words for some time, carefully considering what she was about to say. She did not want to pollute the core issue with too many extravagant details, but being too vague had an equal chance of forming the wrong ideas. It wasn’t that the mare doubted Heart’s abilities, nor his perceptive skills, she just heavily doubted this sort of problem could be considered a normal occurrence. It was almost certainly a special case, and most likely one that would need to be managed with the utmost care. So it was that she waited to be served her tea before revealing her issue to the stallion before her.

"Heart, it appears…"

Sunny began, speaking carefully.

"…that after a particularly impromptu romantic evening with a particular stallion, that this individual has fallen in love with Sunny Smiles.”

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Heart stifled an internal groan at that. She had obviously done something with some part of her royal status and had done something romance related with it.

It was time to probe a little deeper.

"Oh? How so?"

After all, a single sentence wasn’t much to go on; that said, the giggle and the moments of thought did mean that she wasn’t going to make his life easy in seeking this out.

"And why did it go so royally wrong?”

"Therein lies the difficulty, Heart. The explanation must be exceptionally particular in its wording, any lack of proper care in assembling or understanding the structure of what needs to be spoken and the whole thing essentially loses it’s meaning.”

Sunny Smiles reaches up and timidly bites on a forehoof as she looks off to the side, deep in thought. It appeared that whatever she intended to say was very difficult for her to effectively word which, of course, meant that it had to be describing quite the gargantuan foul up. The mare drops her forehoof and looks up towards the ceiling with a difficult expression before offering a frustrated kind of exasperated inhale and looking back to Heart with a sadly defeated look.

"Perhaps I should think this over while you acquire that tea you promised?"

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Heart paused.

"Some ponies yell. Some blame me. Some start telling me the entire story of what went on."

A smirk to himself, as he magically - oft abused levitation, yes - poured himself a coffee. “Some just give me a name and expect to know them… due to what I do, I often do.”

A small pause.

"How do you want to start?…" A blink… "…and may I offer you a drink? I have tea, coffee, and various fruit juices."

"Tea would be fine, thank you."

The mare begins with a smile before dropping into deep thought. It took her a minute or so before she opened her mouth, presumably to speak, only to let it hang open as she sat staring into the floor with a rather curiously confused look on her face. It was a few minutes more before she recovered, with a giggle, and looked to Heart.

"I am afraid I may have fouled this all up rather royally.”

The mare admits with an embarrassed smile.

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Heart paused, before the gears of his mind re-ground against themselves.

He had this ‘type’ of pony before, if nothing else. Formality was key. He knew this much; some ponies just couldn’t deal with a ‘friend who also was a romantic expert.’

He recognized the frown; and immediately ramped up the formality as a consequence.

That said; neither he nor her should draw attention to her being the Goddess of the Sun.

"Of course, Miss Smiles. Would you please care to follow me?"

And with that, he lead the way to the more formal ‘client room’.

Sunny was noticeably relieved by Heart’s swift change to formality, and readily welcomed the sight of a more formal office environment. She took a seat where indicated and made herself comfortable before asking the pressing question of the moment.

"Alright, so, what happens now?"

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Heart paused.

"Well, for any normal client I would ask them to make their way into the ‘study’… nothing personal there, nothing to let them distracted." A smile.

"…with you, though, I think I can let you into my ‘special client’ study." The smile graduated from smile school; and turned into a grin, as he gestured into a different room.

His ‘special study’ was pretty much normal; except with a fridge with various alcoholic drinks and cocktails, a very comfier couch, and Heart being a lot more open - if only as (technically) this was part of his home as opposed to his work.

If asked, he would call it his ‘living room’, and he would be correct.

Sunny took a look into his alleged ‘special client study’ and frowned. She had definitely been to the stallion’s living room before, and she personally found the idea of having this sort of discussion in there to be too informal. She turns away from the entrance and looks back to Heart.

"I think the normal study would be fine, thank you."

So, Heart, I think I might have need of your 'services'. *Sunny timidly responds from Heart's doorstep.* That is, if you're not too busy. I can always come back some other time, or schedule an appointment, or see you off of normal business hours.


Heart paused, for but a moment, as the gears of his mind ground against themselves and spat out replies relating to ‘really?’.

It was less that his services and his talent thereof were being brought into disrepute more than… well, he knew whom Sunny Smiles really was. For her to need his assistance was a bit beyond what he was expecting.

"No, no… please, come in." He shifted to the side, to allow Sunny passage through his home (which doubled as his office, natch.) Thankfully, Nocte’s normal ready supply of rum bottles and shiv’s had been removed.

Sunny softly stepped inside his home, each one of her steps noticeably apprehensive. She gave a nervous glance around the room before turning back to Heart.

"So, how does this work? Is there somewhere we sit down?"

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"Well… didn’t say it was going to be an all nighter this time, but… yeah. There’s going to be some sleep tonight for sure." He chuckled. The gates of the castle weren’t far ahead.

"Tomorrow night, then?" In spite of his state, he couldn’t help but want to spend more time with her. Even if that time would have been spent sleeping. It was an odd feeling.

"Let’s just focus on that when we get there. Although, I’ll be sure to keep the suggestion in the cards.”

Sunny replied before looking back to the castle that was looming before them.

"The gateway of responsibility stands before us, an archway over the path back to normalcy. We each have our own lives, our own obligations, ponies which we regularly owe something that we have need to provide. It has become something of an expectation to the great masses that our work proceed as expected to lift and hold the needs of others. Sure, it’s fun to take a break from time to time and make room for other things, but eventually we all must come back to the world and do exactly what is expected of us.

A string of sleepless nights won’t help you there, even with space in between. There will always be somepony you’re letting down. I do not mean those you cannot hope to please either, but actually the ones you have come to rely upon yourself. The two of us, we’re different creatures that live under the weight of different expectations, and it is these differences which drive us together while simultaneously ripping us apart. However, when it’s all said and done, even love must be placed aside when others are to be thought of. In all things the equilibrium of harmony must be kept, the sanctity of joy protected, the expectations of greatness upheld.

We are champions, you and I, of our own worlds. As such, it has become time for us to part ways, to focus on the tasks at hoof, and to make ourselves everything that we need to be for those that expect us to be there. There will be more time for us, but for now we would do well to recover ourselves for life’s unending journey.”

She turns to Light Pillar as they finally approach the castle gates.

"This isn’t goodbye forever, it’s just a small farewell that all of us need, even if some of us don’t want it. I promise you that we will see each other again but, until then you have my thanks for staying at my side through to the end. You are a very remarkable soul, Light Pillar, and I will always cherish the memories of this short time we shared together."

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Light waved a hoof, though the action mid-step did cause a slight stumble. He wasn’t exactly at his best. “Bah, it’s not the first all-nighter I’ve pulled. Might be the most fun, though. Just means it’ll take me longer to get moving.”

He turned down a street which led directly to the Castle. It loomed over this part of the city, even though it was still several minutes away on hoof. “So, uh… any plans for tonight?”

"Well, I’ve been toying around with this revolutionary concept called, letting you sleep.”

Sunny replied with quite a knowing smile as she looked back to him from the castle before them.

"After all, two all-nighters in a row would hardly be sane."

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Light was listening as they walked, but somehow the thing that stuck out the most about the sudden wash of words was just how much energy she seemed to have this morning, in spite of having slept as little as he had.

"Coffee, yes. Or whatever it is you’re running on. If you bottled that and sold it, I think you could buy all of Canterlot with the profits." He managed a smile, but any real smile would have to wait until he had slept.

Or at least until he had drank enough coffee to float a small barge.

"I think I’ll live, anyway. Though sorry if I have to leave you once we get to the castle… I’ll have to run to get to the coffee pot before the morning meeting starts."

"That’s fine, I understand."

Sunny replied with an understanding smile, still trotting along happily beside him. Though, she had to admit to herself that she was a touch concerned about the stallion. After all, that smile was a bit on the forced side. Maybe he needed sleep a little more than he had let on, when he had agreed to stay up all night with her.

"Are you sure you’re going to be alright making it through the day? You won’t need help standing up?”

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Light watched her get ready at least partially because he had to wait on her to leave. Mostly it was him wondering how some ponies fixed their clothes like that as though with magic. Though obviously without magic. She was a pegasus.

Once Sunny was ready, he opened the front door and led her outside, stopping only long enough to make sure the door was locked before trotting down the street in the direction of the castle. “This way, Sunny!~” He said, clearly in a better mood than his looks would hint.

"So… have you actually been in the castle before?" Sure she was a noble, but not one he actually remembered meeting.

"Oh yes, I most certainly have been to the castle before. I could scarcely imagine anypony living in Canterlot never having been there at least twice. Once likely only out of curiosity, and the second time for that customary invitation to the Grand Galloping Gala that everypony gets in the mail at least once. Not to mention the events, the ball rooms that ponies frequently use for various parties and social occasions. The whole government is based out of there too, so if you have any problems whatsoever your only recourse as a citizen here is to go to the castle and speak to the right people.

Goodness knows even getting a library card in this town means going to the castle these days. Gone are the days of avoiding that little detail via a visit to Chief Librarian Twilight Sparkle. Now we have to stand on line in the civilian affairs office and ask to be redirected after calling in ahead of time for an appointment.”

Sunny looks to Light with a slightly concerned raised brow after finishing her long-winded response.

"Although maybe that’s a bit too much detail to go into in the morning, all considered. I mean, no offense but, you look like you could use some pretty serious coffee."