Princess Celestia
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Heart’s mind slowed down, his thoughts becoming far more basic and far more complex in every single pulse of his mind. It threw deep requests, forcing up memories from days long, long ago.

Days where Celestia was nearly in tears because of her sheer unrequited love for a certain Princess of Magic.

The day he met her as Sunny Smiles, an ‘innocent’ pony with a streak of happiness a mile wide and an altrustic streak twice as long.

The day she, Nocte, and Staccato had accompanied out; along with the knowledge that four ponies knew of her identity.

He bit his lip, shutting down the tracks of his mind that threatened to break it and throw his concentration off once more. He had a decision to make and he had one to make fast.

Did he love her?

…the obvious answer was yes; she was the ideal. But then Heart managed to - in what he would later call a trick of his talent - the Moment of Clarity - think just a tad deeper.

Could he Love Celestia?

Well, of course. She was deep, interesting, attractive, and many many other positive adjectives; she was a ruler of Equestra in more than one sense of the word.

But could he survive her? Could he handle her twists, her turns, the immense complexity of even understanding a single word from her without delving into the nineteen layers of hidden meanings she may have embedded (on a good day).

That made the action clear, then.

"…this is still no answer, but may I ask what you… what made you love me, Princess?"

Sunny could only tilt her head in response to the stallion’s admittedly bizarre question. He had to be stalling, that was the only logical conclusion she could immediately draw. It was a terrifying proposition to be sure, but the mare was unwilling to give in without receiving a clear answer. For now, she would play his game, as she had no other choice to make.

You were always so very wonderfully bold, Heart. Look at you, standing there, searching for reason in all of this as if absolutely any facet of this extraordinary situation screams anything other than complete and utter irrationality. Nothing made command of me to garner feelings for you Heart, there was no grand moment of realization akin to the fictional story book fantasies. It was a feeling that I had since our first encounter, a small feeling, a feeling which has only grown with the addition of time and ever more interesting exposure. There is little more logic to it than that, Heart. As with all of these kinds of situations, there rarely ever is.”

Her smile slowly fades, turning to the softest of heartbroken frowns. It was as if the atmosphere itself were changing, the root of the conversation finally coming out.

"I worry about you, Heart. You surround yourself with strange characters that are hardly ever around for you. Then you choose a line of work that almost serves only to highlight your own loneliness, from inside of your own home no less. Yet you have nowhere to retreat to, no safe haven, and nopony there to comfort you after a particularly grueling day comforting Canterlot’s broken elite classes. So you drink, often and without safe limits, and yet you never seem satisfied by that either.

I see you like this, Heart. I see you facing a miserable job in the day, drinking yourself into memory loss in the nights, and turning to a home which is more a public forum than much needed sanctuary when it all just ends. I see all of this, Heart, and I cannot help but feel that it is not the life you want to lead.

You need not accept my advances should you wish against it, but you need somepony to help you live a better life.”

After the Storm


Storm gave a bit of a groan, but actually nodded. “In fact there is, but unless the next thing you’re going to do is shout at me for being born with the wrong equipment to make you comfortable, then you didn’t deserve it. So I’m sorry.”

The pegasus was in no mood to hide what he thought, even to a Princess that liked to wander parks. He was in no mood to be awake either, but somehow taking off to grab a cloud to nap seemed like a bad idea while the Princess was still expecting him to talk to her.

Stunned. Absolutely stunned. This time it was almost to the point of being stunned rock solid. This mare was actively communicating with the single most important Princess in Equestria, the giver of light, as if she were a drunken local at a sailor’s favorite bar.

"I do hope you have a distinctly satisfying explanation for this frankly unacceptable public behavior.”

The alicorn demanded more so than asked.

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Heart’s mind shattered, before slowly pulling itself together, the tracks of his mind that once held careful thought and true clarity broken and derailed.

Not completely; as a romance counselor facing a brand new romance problem his mind simply refused to stop working completely; but at her reply of ‘I love you, Heart Tips’ his mind simply began to ground against itself, throwing slowly more and more useless answers and suggestions, before simply outputting gibberish.

Not that it wouldn’t work; Heart had matured. His mind didn’t shut down any more, it simply became less and less reliable. But it’d never stop, and he would always have an emergency reserve of sheer composure to call on, a cold, hardened dark side which would always function even if it didn’t always produce good answers.

Celestia loved him?

She… loved him?

Every single attempt to reconcile that information with some part of his current knowledge; to form a baseline, a mental state to work from, simply resulted in nothing more than failure. It would take more than just a minute to think of this, and more than his current mental state to be able to work with ‘Goddess of the Sun’ in his mental memory.
He walked to his Magically Locked Cabinet™, pulling out a familiar blue bottle, before downing a swig.

"…I need to think. Please give me a minute, Celestia. And do note, since I know your predilections, that this is not any sort of answer. It is a request for time to think."

Sunny Smile’s reply was short, simple, and sweet. Though Heart’s response thus far was already filling the Solar Princess inside her with an immense dread, the mare had no desire to reveal that to him in any way.

"Of course, feel free to take as much time as you need."

He had rather thoroughly convinced her, after all, proved to her without the smallest shadow of a doubt that this was the only acceptable course of action she could take between them. The words he had spoken, those intensely beautiful and personal arguments, they were as much a part of his core foundation as an individual as the inalienable part of his soul that dared to utter them. This stallion did not simply believe in these principles of love, he had an immense and obvious faith in them, they were the very rules by which he lived his life. For Celestia to follow her usual course and avoid revealing her feelings, no matter her intentions, would be an affront to everything for which this stallion stood for. He deserved to know about her feelings, he deserved to be presented the opportunity, he had earned the right as both an intellectual and a dear friend.

Celestia, for all her careful thought and planning, had been bested by this stallion.

If he needed time to decide what that would mean, she would not begrudge him the wait, in all greater likelihood she quite needed that time herself. Indeed, even as the suggestion left his lips, she felt thankful for it.

After the Storm


Storm had to do a double take. And remove the goggles to do a triple take. Though his eyes were slightly red, they were seeing clearly.

"P-princess…? I didn’t… know it was you. Or that you were here. Ugh… sorry." He rubbed at his eyes.

"It hasn’t been a good morning. Did you… uh… need me for something?" The androgynous pony tried to make space on the bench, but was clearly unsure what she was doing there, or why she would need a park bench. It was a wonder there wasn’t a chariot following her around with a portable throne or something.

They have those, right?

Storm figured they must.

The Princess did not look to be pleased with that particular response either. To be fair, the solar mare had not been so openly insulted by a complete stranger in centuries. Still, it spoke volumes for this particular pony’s situation that she was willing to be so openly vulgar in a public part, where children may be present.

"Oh? So am I to believe that there is a class of citizen to which such a statement may be acceptably delivered? Let alone in one of my public parks?"

After the Storm


A bluegray pegasus tore through the morning skies at top speed, distancing himself from his hotel. As much as he tried to forget yesterday, the feeling of bile in his throat wouldn’t leave. Everything about the day seemed to go wrong, and it a night’s sleep didn’t make it go away. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to break down in tears, or start punching things.

So he flew at a breakneck pace through the city, trying to burn off the excess emotion. It almost worked, too.

Storm landed in a park. He wasn’t even sure which one. The pegasus found a bench and just collapsed on it. He had his flight jacket with the fluffy collar and a flight helmet with goggles to match, but ended up pulling the goggles down.

When somepony approached, he nearly snapped. “Look, if you’re just trying to get me in bed with you, you might as well leave. It ain’t gonna work.”

Princess Celestia responds with a distinctly amused expression, otherwise absolutely stunned at the pony’s sheer audacity. She had to take a moment to stop, double take, and check around herself for any others the mare might be referring to. When no other ponies materialized in her vision or otherwise revealed themselves under her gaze, the alicorn gawked at the offending mare in utter disbelief before letting out a distinctly short and unrelentingly unamused laugh.

"I do not know whether it is wise to dignify such a statement with a response. However, I believe you may consider the feeling quite mutual."

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"Oh, sure, I’ll just…power through it. Take your time, I’ll be right here…holding a shield."

I don’t like holding a shield for a long time, it hurts quite a bit. I’m going to have the mother of all migraines when this is over. My horn could use the exercise, I guess.

"Well, it is not as though I planned for this particular occurrence. The most we should have been dealing with was a sizable and sustained increase in heat energy. As it is your shield spell is only keeping back the majority of the radiation, it is not yet powerful enough to prevent all of it from leaking through."

The Princess leans in closer, examining the process before her with a distinct fascination. She tilts her head and scratches the underside of her chin with a forehoof as she contemplates their predicament.

"Odd, the way the radiation is dispersing is not similar to that of an atomic weapon at all. Though it might appear to simply be destabilizing the individual atoms upon first inspection, further examination reveals that it is actually converting the entire atomic structure of a target atom into a single solitary radioactive particle. That is a rather incredible amount of efficiency, especially from a passive effect designed for a bomb. The spell must be compacting the strings somehow to reduce the physical mass and density of the atoms into sufficiently minimal particles."

Celestia practically presses her face against Velvet’s Shield as she continues to peer inside. Her curiosity soaring to new heights as she analyzes the sheer possibilities before her.

"They must be using some kind of deconstruction array, a simple one, a spell matrix of some kind that can be passively enchanted into the fabric of space itself and executed at high speed with minimal mana cost. To have an effect like that generated post-detonation on a bomb of that size is nothing short of impressive. I dare say that nopony would ever be able to analyze the effect with that much balefire everywhere, of course they would just assume the bomb was atomic. After all, who else would detonate one of these in an artificial gravity well contained in sheer vacuum? Let alone supply a test element like gold to make the result visible? You would practically have to know about the effect ahead of time to even consider such a course of action.

It would be especially subtle, nearly completely untraceable, and about as impossible to detect as the existence of the Equine Soul.”

The alicorn furrows her brow as a question rises to the forefront of her mind.

"I wonder, did I do this?

Unexpected Companions [Closed]


"Cool….really interesting." I rasp.

"Be sure to explain this later, I’m kinda preoccupied at the moment."

This is hard work for a common unicorn like myself. I don’t feel like quitting and the force is surprisingly not overwhelming. Tough but not too much. I’m sure if I had a Pipbuck I’d be hearing at least a little bit of clicking. The radiation has been suppressed at least. Well, it feels like it at least.

"Yep, quantum loop. Real interesting. How long am I holding this up again?"

This hurts.

Princess Celestia considers the mare’s question carefully as she stares into the shield.

"Well, to be honest, I am not sure it would be safe for you to take down the shield at this point. The bomb is converting the gold directly into radiation. I believe you may be holding back a substantial amount of electromagnetic activity."

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Here we go! My horn begins to glow much larger than before. I imagine a sphere around the bomb and it appears. I try and see if I can ration off my powers long enough to hold it for about 20-30 minutes. With nothing happening to it I could make a pretty thick shield. When there’s excessive impact however it gets hard to hold.

"Do…what you need to do."

My words came out kind of strained but it’s hard focus when I talk. I hope I have enough magic on reserve.

"Alright let us begin by sterilizing the work environment and then removing the atmosphere from inside the sphere."

The Princess states before firing off two rather interesting spells. The pressure on the outside of the sphere suddenly becomes far greater than on the inside as the Princess forms a vacuum inside of the mare’s bubble.

"Alright, now, simulating a light center of gravity in the bubble should keep the bomb suspended without any need to levitate it."

The alicorn states clearly, explaining her actions as if Velvet were some kind of student. Indeed, the small spells she had decided to use were not all that complex at all. An observant pony could easily pick one of them up just by following along with her examples.

"Alright, Velvet. The moment that bomb goes off, the gravity spell will try to compensate and form a gravity well great enough to cancel out the force of the explosion. As such, you should not feel the bomb explode at all. However, the electromagnetic spectrum is not directly affected by the gravity well in this case. As a result, everything from visible light to microwaves will leak out of this device upon detonation. What we are really after are the microwaves. I can use simple alchemical transfer properties to passively convert them into pure gold as they leak out of the gravity well. Your Shield shouldn’t have to worry about that either, the gravity well will adjust to keep the gold from flying into your barrier, but the hollow sphere of gold that will inevitably create itself is hardly any sort of thermal barrier. So, your shield is there in order to keep the heat of an oven from leaking through in the process. That is all there is to it. Keep the heat out, watch the transfer, and behold the result.

Barring an extreme circumstance, it should all go rather well.”

The Princess adds with a smile before looking to Velvet one last time.

"Just be sure not to look at it, the explosion will be rather bright. In fact, it would be considerably less terrible to stare at the sun for an entire afternoon instead."

The Solar Mare trots quietly around the sphere after her warning, careful to observe the bomb from all angles to make sure everything was properly prepared. Then, the alicorn lit her horn.

"Alright, brace yourself, Velvet. Detonation in five, four, three, two, one.

Let there be light.”

An impossibly bright light shone from the sphere as the bomb detonated within. For a few brief moments, it was the brightest light on Earth, until it suddenly dimmed as a sphere of evenly distributed gold formed over it. Something about this confused Celestia, who was left peering into the light herself with a questioning expression.

"Something is wrong. There should be more gold than that, much more. Where am I losing it in the transfer? With no atmosphere it should be at peak efficiency."

The Princess’ confusion turned into sock as small holes began to form in the thin gold layer surrounding the bright light.


The mare breathed in awe as a distinct metallic taste started to enter Velvet’s mouth.

"How on Earth could this be happening? It… the math…"

The mare was left with little to nothing to say as the gold layer began to look more and more like Swiss Cheese.

"Velvet… these bombs… they don’t produce Radiation at all. There’s not enough energy in them for that. However there is more than enough energy here to begin translating static potential energy directly into radiation."

The princess looks to Velvet in sheer excitement, barely able to contain her fascinated glee.

"Velvet, this bomb creates a spell that is quite literally the inverse of my alchemical conversion spell! I’ve created a sort of imperfect loop! The microwaves are turning into gold, but the bomb is turning the gold right back into raw electromagnetic radiation! It’s a cycle! Not a perfect one, not a sustainable one, but a process none the less! Velvet, your bombs are converting their targets into radiation on the spot!"

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"If I die, I’m going to haunt the hell out of you."

Well, why the hay not? If I become a ghoul though, my complexion is going to be ruined. I should have some sort of slight immunity with my traveling with Littlepip. We went through a lot of shit.

"Ready whenever you are."

My horn starts glowing pretty intensely. I’ve meditated enough that I might be able to hold a shield of this strength for long enough. Although I’m sacrificing how strong the shield will be by how long I have to hold it. 30 minutes, that’s a long time to hold a shield. It needs to be Balefire Bomb strong too. That’s something that would require Twilight Sparkle level of magic.

"Just give me the signal and I’ll delay our fiery demise."

Princess Celestia carefully starts to levitate the incredibly powerful explosive before them. Once she has it properly stationary, she looks back to Velvet Remedy.

"Alright, it is time for your shield, Velvet."

Unexpected Companions [Closed]


"Oh you’d be suprised. Have you ever seen one of those go off? It’s crazy dangerous. I mean, Maripony turned into a crater after that! In fact, it does look pretty similar to that one."

That was one of Littlepip’s craziest plans. She nearly died and she was in a nuke-proof box! There’s gotta be another way.

"This is insane. You know that right?"

"No, this is completely rational."

The Princess insists further, rejecting Velvet’s input outright.

"I do not claim to understand the ins and outs of this magical device, and I will admit that its construction is still strangely alien to me, but I am sure that it is not even all that powerful of an explosive. At worst, the balefire output from this would damage a dozen city blocks. In the grand scheme of things that is not even remotely impressive, let alone actually dangerous. Trust me, there simply is not enough energy here to do what you are saying, the conversions, the math simply does not lie.

This will work.”